Chain Link Fence

An effective option for many different residential and commercial applications.


A chain link fence offers the benefits of economical materials and low installation costs. A chain link fence is a practical solution for many backyards, swimming pools, kennels, playgrounds, and security and wildlife barriers.


From 4′ high backyard dog runs to 30′ high warehouse enclosures, Brennan’s Fence has a chain link fence for any application. Residential grade chain link fencing comes in galvanized steel or vinyl coated, fabric and wire chain link. Colors of Vinyl coated wire varying from Green, Black, and Brown.


Commercial and Industrial Fencing

For commercial and industrial environments where security is a concern, heavy framework and fabric in either galvanized or vinyl coated finishes for a chain link fence are available. Barbed wire and/or razor ribbon may be added as an extra security measure while slats or windscreen may be added for additional privacy or screening.

Small or large projects are all within our scope of work. Anything from repairs and dumpster enclosures to churches, schools, post offices, warehouses and industrial complexes are all within our expertise.

Manufactured in any custom size, gates are welded in our fabrication shop to match the chain link fence design in all variations of height, color and specification. Single swing gates, double swing gates, roll gates and cantilever slide gates are all produced by our experienced staff to exacting specifications.